20 Comics Shows a Rescue Cat and Her Life with Her Owner

Everyone loves to have a cat in their home. When they do silly things, these cats look so attractive. But sometimes they also do weird things. This is what an Instagram account named Iizcat captures in his comics. Iizcat Comics is a series featuring a rescue cat named Minnie and her life with her human. The creative mind behind this comic strip is Nick Filippou. He has 118,000 Instagram followers and 345,000 Facebook followers.


He began by making basic drawings that made his lover happy. These days, he creates his comics using a digital skills. His comics feature real happenings and humorous situations involving Minnie and her humans. They touch on themes like cat behavior, the joys of pet ownership, and the special bond between a cat and its human. His comics about living with cats are popular because they allow people to relate more deeply to him because they recognize themselves in the characters.

Credit: Iizcat

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#1. Cat nap

#2. Let me sleep


#3. Surprise

#4. Bug in the house


#5. Heating Pad

#6. Halloween Decorations


When he first began making comics, he believed it was hard to draw something visually appealing. In addition, even though he gets excited when other people enjoy his comics, he discovered that it’s important to create them first for himself. His experience tells us that it takes a lot of work to become good at something, and it’s acceptable to not be perfect at first.

#7. Mega Castle

#8. Looks Great


#9. Struggle of the year

#10. Productive


#11. Ghost

#12. Want to be alone


#13. Good Night

#14. Don’t Worry


His art style is simple and cartoonish, with a focus on capturing Minnie’s expressive face and body language. He always uses a colorful scheme in the background to grab the audience’s attention. Iizcat comics resonate with cat lovers because they offer a relatable and humorous glimpse into the unique world of cats. They celebrate the joy and challenges of feline companionship, reminding us why these furry creatures have captured a place in our hearts and homes. 

#15. Order some biscuits

#16. Snugs


#17. Thank You

#18. Daylight Saving Time


#19. Bad Kitty

#20. Being dramatic


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