20 Iffy Drawings Show Her Random Moments and Motivational Thoughts

Sometimes, the most funny events are the ones that are relatable. Many artists portray awkward social situations, everyday struggles, and common mishaps that are mostly relatable to everyone. This is because we are familiar with the situation, and the humor is even more funny because of its relatability. Similarly, there is an Instagram profile that is perfect for showing such situations.


Let me introduce you to an artist who goes by the user name @iffidrawings. She is the artist who created comics in her random moments and sometimes motivational toughts. She says on her Instagram bio that she makes comics because life is a bit iffy. Although the artist has 6,442 followers, which is not a huge following, her comics will surely make your day better.

Credit: Iffy Drawings

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#1. Missing


#2. Hungry


#3. So nice

#4. Dating


#5. Life Mentor

#6. Hang Out


She is well-known for her simple comics, which deal with a variety of themes like worry, loneliness, and the stupidity of modern life. She is also well-known for her bizarre and sometimes motivational comics. Sometimes the message of her comics is positive. Her comics are not looking very attractive because she is not an expert in her drawing skills.

#7. Remind Me

#8. Think Positive


#9. Validate me

#10. Play to your strengths


#11. Unsuccessful

#12. It was on my to-do list


#13. My mom knows me too well

#14. don’t have to feel bad about lying anymore


She is the artist who has been making comics for some time only because she is not getting as much response as she desires. But the writing skills of the artist are very good, which makes her comics worth watching. If you’re looking for something to make you smile, be sure to check out more of her work on her Instagram profile.

#15. Weird

#16. Bestie


#17. rub my belly while you’re at it

#18. Period


#19. So true

#20. Unfollowed


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