20 ice cream sandwich guy comics based on random situations

Sometimes life hurts. It’s easy to begin feeling like no one understands your difficulties, whether it’s because of annoying little everyday events that are bringing you down or an overwhelming feeling of existential fear. That’s why we bring you a new collection of comics by Ice Cream Sandwich Guy, whom you are not familiar with. But after reading this blog, you will know about this webcomic, and it will surely become your favorite one.

He’s an online webcomic by a brilliant artist named Ethan, who creates darkly funny and absurd comics, often featuring random situations. His work explores relatable anxieties and awkward situations through a surreal lens. He has a personal website where he shares his comics regularly. We have also collected some of his best comics in the next section. Keep scrolling if you want to enjoy them.

Credit: ice cream sandwich Guy comics

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#1. friends

#2. ever experienced?

#3. welcome to the show

#4. look out

#5. no direction

#6. walking

Since August 2016, the artist, whose actual title is Ice Cream Sandwich Guy, has been posting his incredibly realistic comics on Tumblr. He had begun to post brief animations on YouTube before the end of that year, and he also started making comics. The comedy is understated yet incredibly powerful, and it will likely distract your attention from your ever-busy life for a little while.

#7. healthy diet

#8. ever wonder?

#9. finally here

#10. eating glue

#11. bad idea

#12. are you stealing?

#13. hiding

#14. amazing art

#15. lifting

So, whether you’re looking for a quick laugh, then be sure to check out more on his personal website. His comics are always worth watching. Let me know if you have any specific questions about the comics or the artist in the comment section. If you like the blog, don’t forget to share it.

#16. too cool cop

#17. overly sensitive

#18. type type

#19. project

#20. switch

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