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Sometimes, life throws us into situations that seem daunting, even terrifying. For Yllya, a bit of claustrophobia made an elevator ride an unexpected adventure. One day, as she, her husband, and their 3-year-old daughter were returning home from daycare, they found themselves trapped in the confined space of their building’s elevator. While nerves got the best of Yllya, her daughter saw it as a game, and her husband remained as unflappable as ever.

The unexpected mishap turned into a funny family story. Yllya realized that this everyday experience, a mix of fear and amusement, could be transformed into comedy. With a creative spark, she decided to share this elevator escapade with the world. She pulled out her artistic tools and crafted a comic that captured the essence of that memorable day.

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Yllya, with her unique perspective on family life and a knack for humor, decided to share this elevator incident on her Instagram account. To her surprise, her audience loved it. People could relate to the blend of panic, amusement, and quirky dynamics of family life, which Yllya portrayed so skillfully in her comics.










Motivated by this positive response, Yllya continued to draw inspiration from her daily experiences as a mother. A few weeks later, she found herself discussing her daughter’s hair with her husband. The conversation sparked another amusing comic idea. Once again, her audience embraced it with open arms. And thus, Yllya’s web comic journey began.










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