20 Best Comics Features Amusing Acts of Dog and His Owner by Hey Buddy 

Living around animals and even just viewing their images can make us happy in terms of love, trust, and bonding. That’s the reason we are just back with another Hey Buddy Comics collection. This is the comic book series that Bored Comics has released multiple times. Links to earlier articles can be found here and Here. It is a heartwarming web comic that celebrates the heartwarming bond between a human and his dog companion.

It was created by artist K. After being taken over by @dinosandcomics, he occasionally includes other animals and situations. His main focus is on the charming and hilarious bond between a dog and its owner. He follows 329,000 people on Instagram. We wholeheartedly suggest checking out Hey Buddy Comics in the next section if you’ve been feeling down. You must certainly spend a few minutes each day doing this.

The precise beginnings of Hey Buddy Comics are not known to the general audience. But the creator, who appears to be a writer-artist group of people, has stated that the inspiration for the comics came from a wish to convey the charming and humorous inner conversations they thought their dog may have. If you want to feed your eyes with these precious moments, then feel free to explore the following gallery.

Credit: Hey Buddy Comics

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#1. Leave Me Alone

#2. The Union


#3. Neighbors

#4. Bed Time

#5. Sunny Day


#6. It Worked

The artist has a dog friend who serves as the main inspiration and source of ideas for his comics. He started by trying to capture their dog’s funny expressions or inner thoughts in sketches, which eventually transformed into comic strips. He has debuted on a specific online platform, like a personal website or social media pages like Instagram and Facebook.

#7. Productivity

#8. World


#9. Almost Everyone

#10. Sick

#11. We Don’t Deserve them


The main focus of Hey Buddy Comics is on short, sweet, realistic snapshots of daily life with a dog. The dog’s perspective mostly provides the humor, highlighting the cute or funny things that dogs do. With the focus on expressing the feelings and expressions of both the human and the dog, his artwork is easy to understand and simple.

#12. The Rules

#13. Fading

#14. The Hunt


#15. Mother’s Day

His drawings perfectly represent the true meaning of having a pet and the routine moments that dog owners would immediately understand. His comics mostly center on the dog’s and owner’s companionship and the simple pleasures of hanging out with your pet. Check out Hey Buddy Comics if you are searching for a nice laugh and a reminder of the unique bond we have with our furry close friends.

#16. New Toy

#17. memories


#18. Wanted it later

#19. Perfect Fit

#20. Wrong


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