20 Herta Burbe Illustrations Based On Quirky Observations To Make You Laugh


Herta Burbe is a Lithuanian artist known for herhilarious and relatable comic strips, illustrations, and cartoons. She creates new content daily, often focusing on everyday moments and quirky observations that she transforms into witty and humorous pieces. Her art style is characterized by clever punchlines and expressive characters. She often uses simple shapes and attractive backgrounds to let the focus remain on the humor and message of her work.

She is a brilliant artist, known for her relatable humor. Her work has gained a large following online, with hundreds of thousands of fans across various platforms. She currently has a huge audience of 16,200 followers on her Instagram account. Her comics have been featured in various publications and websites, and her comics are regularly shared and enjoyed by people all over the world. Let’s explore some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Herta Burbe

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#1. Free


#2. Hilarious

#3. Girls can understand


#4. Cat Lover

#5. Can’t See


#6. High

The artist says most of the silly ideas came to her mind when she was talking with her friends. Later on, she draws those ideas with a touch of humor in her comics. The main goal of the artist is to make her fans laugh through her clever jokes and puns. She never fails to make her fans laugh through her creative illustrations.

#7. Computer


#8. Past Life

#9. Artificial Intelligence


#10. Start Working

#11. Can’t Sell


#12. Negative Comment

#13. Plagiarism


#14. Luxury vs Perfect

#15. Calling


Her comics mostly explore themes of relationships, technology, pop culture, and the absurdities of daily life. She is an expert at finding humor in everyday situations and making us laugh at ourselves and the world around us. If you also find her comics funny, then don’t forget to hit the share button for this blog. For more such comics, you have to simply click here and Here.

#16. Mosquito Bite

#17. Crawled off


#18. Hilarious

#19. Ancient History


#20. Forgot

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