This Artist Tries To Make You Laugh Only Through 20 One-Panel Cartoons


In the realm of comic artistry, where wit meets ink, reside the inimitable HERMAN® comics by the visionary Jim Unger. A world unto itself, these single-panel wonders beckon us into a universe where laughter echoes against the walls of everyday life. Nestled within these panels are not just jokes, but a portal into the enigmatic mind of an artist whose creations transcend mere amusement, offering a looking glass into the human experience.

Behind every stroke of genius in Herman comics lies the alchemy of creativity. Ideas don’t simply arrive; they materialize in a mesmerizing dance of inspiration and imagination. For Jim Unger, the genesis of a comic often sprouts from the fertile soil of everyday life. A chance encounter, a fleeting thought, or a peculiar scenario—they all serve as fodder for the whimsical world of Herman. The ordinary becomes extraordinary; the mundane morphs into the extraordinary, all through the lens of Unger’s wit.

Credit: HERMAN Comics

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#1. Hair Grow


#2. Relax

#3. Soup


#4. Hilarious

#5. Table Spoon


What sets Herman comics apart is the seamless fusion of simplicity and profundity. A single panel unfurls a narrative, captures a moment, and delivers a punchline that resonates beyond the boundaries of the frame. Unger’s artistry lies not just in the impeccable lines and vibrant characters but in the art of distilling complexity into an elegant simplicity. Each stroke is deliberate, each word carefully chosen—a masterclass in the art of visual storytelling.

#6. Cake

#7. Waiting


#8. Left Foot

#9. Rabbits


Humor, in Herman comics, is not merely about eliciting laughter; it’s about peeling back layers of existence. Unger’s ability to tap into the idiosyncrasies of human nature and find hilarity in the mundane endears him to readers across generations. It’s the ability to see the absurdity in our routines, the comedy in our flaws, and the joy in our follies that makes Herman a timeless companion.

#10. Ex-Boyfriend

#11. How you feel?


#12. He will

#13. Milk and Cookies


The motivation driving Unger’s creative engine transcends mere acclaim or recognition. It’s a quest to connect—a desire to touch hearts, elicit smiles, and, in those fleeting moments, make the world a tad brighter. It’s the joy of crafting a universe where laughter reigns supreme and people from all walks of life find solace in shared chuckles.

#14. Prisoners

#15. Still Recovering


As we bid adieu to this journey through the tapestry of Herman comics, we carry with us not just laughter but a profound appreciation for the artistry that molds our mundane moments into timeless treasures. Jim Unger’s legacy extends beyond ink and paper—it’s a testament to the enduring magic woven by those who dare to see the world through a lens of whimsy. So, let’s raise a toast to Herman, the enigmatic muse that continues to tickle our funny bones and reminds us that within the canvas of life, every moment is a potential masterpiece.

#16. That’s our pen

#17. Finger


#18. Tip

#19. Overconfident


#20. Too Long

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