Here are the 20 New Twisted Comics Full of Dark Humor by “Toon Hole John”

Here are the 20 New Twisted Comics Full of Dark Humor by “Toon Hole John”

Many comic artists have sought to create this exciting new form of so-called dark humor because the pure humorous cartooning style is well-known to readers of all types. This expression has comedic and tragic overtones in a personal or communal context. It is absolutely time for you to enjoy a fresh batch of dark comics if you wish to brighten up a dull day.

Comic strip creator Ryan Kramer, also known as “ToonHoleRyan,” is a member of the ToonHole collective, a group of creators who have been consistently posting humorous and bizarre comics to their website since 2010. According to the artist, he is currently in charge of directing Looney Tunes for Warner Bros. He also mentioned that he enjoys raising children, meditation, exercise, philosophy, and breakfast.He currently has 24,400 Instagram followers.

He met the other men in college and joined the ToonHole crew after they made friends over their shared love of vintage cartoons. Every comic idea could simmer for days and take several forms until it is done, even though his comics typically take just a few hours to make from beginning to end. His comics are also frequently a little bit gloomy, but he has a tremendous talent for making them funny. Let’s take a look at some of his best dark illustrations.

Credit: Toon Hole John

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