Here are the 20 Comics with Unexpected Twists That will make you Laugh out Loud

Here are the 20 Comics with Unexpected Twists That will make you Laugh out Loud

Unexpected turns in comics are without a doubt the flavor of life that many fun-lovers need to add to their regular diet. It is the kind of enjoyment that uplifts your emotions while also stimulating your brain. People will start to move toward the darker and more twisted types of humor when the banal ones start to seem too banal. In light of this, we have been successful in introducing this brand of humor to comic strip lovers.

The artist Enzo created the webcomic “Enzo Comics.” He is well-known for his comedic comics with unexpectedly gloomy endings. We’re talking about the popular webcomic series “about life, dating, relationships, and occasionally about sex, drugs, and web design.” The show is well-known for its scathing analysis of modern life, which it does without censorship or filters. And right now, Enzo is finally going retro, sporting the best comics from the preceding four years.

On Instagram, he currently has a following of 115,000 users. His comics, which are expertly drawn in only a few panels, always convey a twisted message to the readers, which is always difficult for comic artists. But he has made it so simple that anyone can understand it, not to mention that they can grasp what is depicted in the comics. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations. We guarantee that these illustrations will surely amuse you.

Credit: Enzo Comics

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