Here are the 20 Best Dark Comics by “Cooper Lit Comics” That Could Make Your Day

Mental health has become one of the most important topics in the world. Anxiety, depression and poor self-esteem are all issues that need to be talked about. Comics have helped you to feel more comfortable about your anxiety. Comics made you passionate about wanting to promote positive mental health.

Basically it is impossible to escape from comics when scrolling through social media. Some of the comics explore important topics in life and some of them depicts situations in funnier way. We do not always want to be engaged in that kind of way.

Sometimes one just wants to have a good laugh and that’s exactly what comics by “Cooper” are here to do.The artist has an instagram account “Cooper Lit Comics”. The artist earned 35.9k followers on his instagram account by creating dark comics. We are sure that all lovers of dark humor will appreciate his comics. If you want to enjoy then check out his works in the gallery below.

Credit: Cooper Lit Comics

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