Here are Long Comics Strips Full of Surprise and Absurd Twists (26 Drawings)

Renowned Instagram artist Neil Kohney has amassed a sizable fan base because of his weird and captivating comics, which often take surprising turns. She has 97,300 social media followers because of her unique style and creative storytelling techniques. He is better known for his web comic named The Other End Comics.

His comics are humorous and often feature surreal and whimsical themes. His comics explore a variety of topics, including everyday life, relationships, and social commentary. Absurd humor and a willingness to tackle taboo subjects set The Other End Comics apart from other creators. Unexpected story turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats and leave them wanting more are a common element of their comics. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. If you want to enjoy these comics, then scroll down to the section below.

Credit: The Other End Comics

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#1. Playing Game

The characters have a unique look that distinguishes them from other comics because they are often illustrated with bold, clever punchlines and captivating colors. His work sheds light on taboo subjects in an accessible and lighthearted way. The use of dark humor to address important issues demonstrates the artist’s ability to work with delicate subjects.

#2. License To Kill

In general, he is a master artist at depicting these kinds of scenarios. He has become one of the most popular artists on Instagram very rapidly, and we are eager to see what he will create next. Anyone who wishes to take a mental break and proceed in a relaxed manner can read these comics. Remember to share and leave a comment on this blog. Click here to experience more enjoyment.

#3. Wake Up

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