Three Dark and Naughty Stories Full of Unexpected Twists will Surely Make Your Day (25 Pics)

Neil Kohney, a well-known Instagram artist, has a sizable following thanks to his dark and seductive comics that frequently take unexpected twists. 97,300 people follow them on social media thanks to their distinctive aesthetic and risk-taking narrative methods. The Other End Comics distinguishes itself from other creators by utilizing dark humor and being willing to address taboo topics. Their comics often feature unexpected plot twists that keep readers on their toes and leave them wanting more.

The characters have a unique look that distinguishes them from other comics because they are frequently illustrated with bold, black outlines and vibrant colors. His writing illuminates taboo topics in a lighthearted and relatable manner. The artist’s ability to handle delicate subjects is demonstrated by the use of dark humor to address serious problems. Reading these comics makes the viewer laugh because different characters are depicted as having various senses of humor.

He creates a lot of updated cartoons, each of which tells a brand-new narrative that is fresher and more captivating than the last. For someone anxious and disturbed, these cartoons are so calming. They have quickly established themselves as one of Instagram’s most well-liked musicians, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. These cartoons can be read by someone who wants to take a mental break and continue in a relaxed manner. The top 20 cartoons by Neil Kohney are listed below. I really hope everyone enjoys these cartoons. Enjoy your day ahead!

Credit: The Other End Comics

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#1. Mommy Daddy Bed-time Hug

A unique moment is shared between parents and their kids before bed: a mommy-daddy hug. A strong connection between parent and child can be formed during this tender, loving moment. A child may experience less anxiety and fear after receiving a hug, which can also give them a feeling of security and comfort and improve their ability to fall asleep.

#2. Look at girl with Such Disappointment

This was prompted by a true incident in which I attempted to return a basketball to a schoolyard. When it bounced off the fence, they all just stared at me in such dismay—not dismay that they had to wait longer for their ball, but almost indifferent dismay in me as a person. It was awful. My dad also had a job at the fart plant. 

#3. Love Story

The narrator’s guy drives a mean machine in this specific tale, which could be a metaphor for his commanding physical and emotional presence. This may imply that he is self-assured, ardent, and devoted to his companion. He might be the kind of individual who doesn’t mind taking chances in both his romantic relationships and his personal endeavors.

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