Here are 25 Comics from “Goofy Gods Comics” about how God Deals with Everyday Problems

Since the beginning of time, God has been explaining everything that has happened in our world. And we know about these Greek, Roman, Indian, Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, and other gods because they were such an important part of people’s lives that they were made popular in various writings. They are still an inspiration to modern artists.

The majority of us think of gods as powerful and all-knowing, but the artist “Byot Art” and his pal choose to think of them differently. It’s so hilarious that they started a comic series called “Goofy Gods Comics” where they depict the issues the gods encounter on a daily basis. And they aren’t just concentrating on one faith; they are incorporating everyone, from Jesus to the twelve Olympians to the Lord of Light from Game of Thrones.

New content is added twice a week. They have 413k Instagram followers as a result of the content they have created. The characters are endearing and amusing. The god of the dead, who is typically depicted as a gloomy figure standing next to a horrifying three-headed dog, has a truly endearing demeanor in these comics. The stories feature intriguing settings, well-developed characters, and unexpected plot twists. Scroll down to the section below for access to their best comics.

Credit: Goofy Gods Comics

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