20 Weird Comics Full of Dark Humor Puns by Cartoonist Charlie Higson

Charlie Higson is a talented artist and writer who is known for creating witty comics filled with dark humor and puns. He goes by the name “Heck If I Know Comics” on Instagram, where he has gained a large following of 39,600 fans for his unique style and clever wordplay. Higson’s comics often revolve around absurd situations and unexpected twists, all delivered with a sharp sense of humor. His comics are always amusing for his fans.


His style is reminiscent of classic comic strips, with a touch of modern flair that keeps his work fresh and engaging. One of Higson’s strengths as a comic artist is his ability to make the mundane hilarious. He has a knack for taking everyday scenarios and turning them into comedic gold, often through clever wordplay and unexpected turns of phrase. His comics are a testament to the power of humor in everyday life and the importance of finding joy in the absurdity of the world around us.

Another notable aspect of Higson’s work is his use of dark humor. He has a talent for finding humor in situations that might otherwise be considered taboo or off-limits, tackling topics like death, depression, and existential angst with wit and sensitivity. This ability to find the funny in the dark corners of life is what sets Higson apart as a comic artist and has helped him build a loyal following of fans who appreciate his unique perspective. His comics are a testament to the power of humor in everyday life and a reminder that even the darkest situations can be made brighter with a little laughter.

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Credit: Heck If I Know Comics

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#1. Slap your dick


#2. Fish


#3. Substitute teacher

#4. 2 in 1


#5. List of things

#6. Tangle dick


#7. The dentist

#8. Sure!


#9. Manager

#10. Audiences wallet


#11. Talking to him

#12. Spirits of the forest!


#13. To do list

#14. Life is funny


#15. Back off bro!

#16. Party


#17. That dress looks hot!

#18. Existence is pain


#19. Cuddle stealer!

#20. World’s strongest man


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