Here are the 20 Absurd Comics with unexpected twists by “Heck if I know Comics”

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Today we are here to bring another collection of absurd comics for you. “Heck if I know Comics” is an instagram about which we will discuss today. This account is owned by an artist “Charlie Higson”. With currently 40.8k followers, this artist is continue to amuse his fans by creating absurd comics full of unexpected endings. Most of the comics are unpredictable.


The most distinctive feature of the comic is its style. The jokes are spot on and the drawing aesthetic is very consistent, not to mention the fact that the drawing style is hugely popular across the internet. You probably haven’t noticed, but you’ve probably seen them somewhere before, or at least he did.

He also drawing comics according to what attracted the people brain because his main purpose is try to get attention of as many people as possible. If you are dark or absurd comics lover then must scroll down the gallery below.

Credit: Heck if I know comics

More info: Instagram


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