20 Happy Fluff Comics Perfectly Highlights the Real Struggles of Young Girl

In today’s modern world, many girls face different kinds of struggles while growing up. Many girls say that societal pressures and unrealistic beauty standards can lead to body image issues and low self-esteem. It can also be seen that girls are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than boys while growing up. This type of theme is perfectly portrayed by the best female Indian artist, who goes by the name Akshara Ashok.

She is an artist who feels that sometimes knowing that we are not alone in our experiences is all we need to know. There are women all across the world going through similar struggles. Therefore, we should not feel alone in our struggles. In order to tell this reality to all others, she created Happy Fluff Comics. This webcomic often presents ordinary situations and problems in an informative way by showing topics that are uplifting and relevant.

She works as a freelance illustrator and artist, and she enjoys drawing inspiration from her own experiences to create comics and illustrations that she shares with the public. Her comics addressing topics related to girls have attracted her 237,000 social media followers. She wants to encourage others with her artwork. That’s why she draws strong and self-reliant women in her drawings, as shown in the following collection of comics.

Credit: Happy Fluff Comics

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#1. Weird Thought

#2. Long Hair Problems

#3. Getting Sick


#4. Buying Cat Stuff

#5. Showering On You Period

#6. What’s that feeling?


Her sharp humor and relevant comics regularly highlight the viewpoints of women and girls while touching on issues including relationships, mental health, body image, and day-to-day struggles. Being a good girl has never been easy, and it never will be, according to the artist. Many girls seem to have it easier on a daily basis. But girls have to deal with these kinds of circumstances all the time.

#7. Valentine’s Day

#8. When Palm Is Itchy

#9. Mental Health


#10. Body Image

#11. A Constant Dilemma

#12. Mental Illness


#13. How to hug

#14. Unpacking after a trip

#15. How to console Someone


#16. Let’s help pets

She has established a reputation for herself in the field of web comics by expertly addressing the issues faced by teenage girls in an appealing and accessible way. Her drawings provide inspiration and a tribute to the determination of teenage girls. If you like her comics, do not forget to share her website and leave a comment. Simply click these links to enjoy more: HereHere, And Here.

#17. Sorry

#18. Dieting


#19. Mosquitos

#20. Preparing for date

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