20 Hannah Hillam Comics Explore Themes of Anxiety and Everyday Struggles

Hannah Hillam Comics is an illustrator and cartoonist who creates comics under the name Verbal Vomit. Her comics, which often tackle themes of worry, self-doubt, and daily challenges, are well-known for their quirky characters and friendly laughter. She depicts the awkwardness, strange things, and fears of managing everyday life with humor and visually appealing drawings.

The simplistic style of her comics is what makes them so beautiful. The humorous timing of Hillam’s text is wonderfully complemented by her charming figures and crisp lines. Simple visuals and witty speech convey pure, genuine laughter without the need for extra work. She gains access to 775,000 followers on Instagram as a result of doing this. Here are a few of her best comics that we can look at.

Credit: Hannah Hillam

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#1. Dress

#2. Professional

#3. Video Games

#4. Responsibilities

#5. Hello

#6. Mall

She is a 33-year-old illustrator who realistically and humorously brings all of these difficulties to life in her comic. For the past ten years, she has been drawing comics that depict her daily struggles with her daughter and her cats. She explains what it means to be a modern-day cat lady in a way that any proud cat owner can relate to in her funny, cute, and sometimes awkward comics.

#7. So Chill

#8. From Future

#9. New Guy

#10. Read it

Hannah Hillam Comics

#11. Comfortable

#12. Beefcake has an existential crisis

Hannah Hillam Comics

#13. Weird House

Hannah Hillam Comics

#14. Clouds

#15. Good Stuff

Hannah Hillam Comics

She explores issues of mental health, self-acceptance, and the value of appreciating the small things in life. She serves as a reminder that we are not alone in our challenges and that kindness, vulnerability, and hope may exist peacefully with stress. I hope you all enjoy her comics. Please feel free to click here and here for extra enjoyment.

#16. Morning

Hannah Hillam Comics

#17. Closet

#18. Best Boy

#19. Come Closer

Hannah Hillam Comics

#20. Foolish Humans

Hannah Hillam Comics

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