By “Hannah Hillam”, Here are the 20 Quirky Comics About her Daily Life Struggles

Life is full of everyday struggles and problems. Everyone goes through many types of struggles these days. Our world has changed a lot already. Being a girl is not easy in today’s world or your daily life. Meet an artist or cartoonist “Hannah Hillam”, a 33-year-old illustrator who brings all of these challenges to life in her comic in a fun and realistic way.

She has been creating comics for the past 10 years, depicting her daily struggles with her daughter and her cats. The artist has amassed more than 804,000 followers on Instagram who really like her comics. Most of these happen in our daily lives. And while the circumstances may seem simple, Hilum has made it practically his mission to bring smiles to readers’ faces with his wacky comics and create her own hilarious comics.

In her funny, cute, and sometimes a bit awkward comics, she explains what it means to be a modern day cat lady in a way that any proud cat owner can relate to. Her illustrations are fun, quirky, and easy to identify and should put a smile on many people’s faces. Check out some of her work in the gallery below.

Credit: Hannah Hillam

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