20 Beautiful Artworks Full of Clever Situations and Positive Messages




Clever situations and positive messages often go hand in hand, creating a powerful combination that can resonate with audiences on multiple levels. Whether conveyed through art, storytelling, or everyday life, clever situations with positive messages have the ability to entertain, inspire, and uplift. Clever situations and positive messages often have a universal appeal. Positive messages in clever situations promote resilience and optimism. They remind us that challenges can be overcome and that there’s often a silver lining or a lesson to be learned even in difficult circumstances.

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Credit: Hannah Hillam

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#1. Watch me eat

#2. Childhood Memory

#3. Lucky Leg

#4. Flap Flap

Beautiful artworks that are filled with clever situations and convey positive messages have a unique ability to captivate and inspire viewers. These creations often serve as a source of both visual delight and thought-provoking wisdom. Meet Hannah Hillam, a gifted comic artist and illustrator who has a remarkable talent for crafting beautiful artworks that are filled with clever situations and convey positive messages. Her creations are not only visually captivating but also emotionally resonant, leaving a lasting impression on those who encounter them.

#5. Hard Work

#6. Medicated and Motivated

#7. New Guys

#8. In the middle

The combination of cleverness and positivity can evoke a range of emotions. Viewers may experience joy, amusement, surprise, or even reflection when encountering such artworks. What sets Hannah Hillam apart is her ability to seamlessly combine clever situations with positive messages. Her artwork often features relatable scenarios and whimsical twists that bring a smile to the viewer’s face. Simultaneously, she weaves in messages of hope, resilience, and the beauty of everyday moments.

#9. Happy

#10. Enough

#11. How to draw

She is an illustrator, comic artist, and writer known for her whimsical style. She has an Instagram account that has 786,000 followers and features a mix of illustrations, comics, and personal posts. Hannah Hillam’s has an official website named hannahhillam.com. The website features her portfolio, which includes illustrations and comics. Hannah Hillam’s Instagram account is a great place to go for a laugh, a smile, and a reminder that the world is a beautiful and diverse place. Hillam’s work is sure to make you feel seen, heard, and loved.

#12. Come at me

#13. Cat balloon gets a reality check

#14. Ideas

#15. Hurpy Porter

#16. Missing

#17. Punishment

#18. Tax Day

#19. Too Tired

#20. What are you in for?

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