20 Grim and Graham Reaper Comics Depict Everyday Situations with a Twist




In a quaint little town where the veil between the living and the afterlife is just a tad thinner, two quirky reapers found themselves bantering over mundane daily occurrences and uneventful mishaps. Meet Grim and Graham, two mischievous but good-hearted souls whose mission is to escort the deceased to their eternal resting place. However, they find that their unique perspective on life (or, well, afterlife) adds a peculiar twist to the simplest of situations.

Grim and Graham Comics is an Instagram artist duo known for their four-panel comic strips featuring Grim and Graham Reaper. The comics are humorous and often depict everyday situations with a twist. The artist behind Grim and Graham Comics is Graham Millar, who began self-publishing in February 2020 with his first mini-comic, “Mozzarella: A Rumble in the Jungle”. Grim, the older of the duo, is tall, slender, and wears the traditional black cloak and hood that we all associate with the grim reaper.

Grim and Graham Comics have gained a following of 9,753 on Instagram, where their work is shared and enjoyed by fans. The comics showcase the unique artistic style and storytelling of Graham Millar, who has a background in comix art. The comics often resonate with audiences, capturing relatable moments and adding a touch of humor. His self-publishing journey and the success of Grim and Graham Comics demonstrate his talent and dedication to his craft. So, the next time you find yourself facing an ordinary situation that could use a twist, remember Grim and Graham Reaper Comics—a delightful blend of humor, humanity, and the afterlife that reminds us all to savor life’s journey, wherever it may lead.

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Credit: Grim and Graham (Mediocre Superheroes)

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#1. Work from home

#2. Not ready

#3. Scythes

#4. Merchant of death award

#5. New haircut

#6. Grocery day

#7. Manager

#8. New recurring series

#9. Gallery anxiety

#10. Hugging

#11. Ghost rider

#12. Dating

#13. Invisible man

#14. Look what you did

#15. What’s he saying?

#16. Robot gets interviewed

#17. Sky talk

#18. Secret identity

#19. Mirrors

#20. Birds and planes

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