Here are 20 Hilarious Goofy Gods Comics to Tickle Your Funny Bone


Since ancient times, gods have held an esteemed place in human cultures worldwide. From Greek and Roman to Indian, Egyptian, Christian, Islamic, and beyond, these divine figures have been the subjects of worship, inspiration, and storytelling. However, amidst the traditional reverence, there exists an artistic duo challenging the conventional perceptions of these mighty beings.

Meet “Byot Art” and their companion, the imaginative mind behind the uproarious comic series “Goofy Gods Comics.” Unlike the conventional portrayal of deities as all-powerful and omniscient, this duo reimagines them with a comedic twist, shedding light on the everyday troubles faced by these revered figures.

The genesis of this offbeat venture is as intriguing as the comics themselves. Byot Art, with a background in fine arts and a penchant for satire, found inspiration in the quirks and complexities of human nature. Coupled with a fascination for mythology and a desire to portray gods in a relatable light, the idea for “Goofy Gods Comics” was born.

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#1. Useless As Always


#2. In Hell

#3. Forgotten


#4. Speak The Truth

#5. Date with me


Their creative process is a blend of wit, research, and a touch of irreverence. It involves delving into various mythologies, extracting lesser-known anecdotes, and infusing these divine personalities with human-like attributes and relatable dilemmas. From Jesus to the Twelve Olympians and even the Lord of Light from “Game of Thrones,” no deity is spared from their comical reimagining.

#6. Back to life

#7. Master Cave


#8. Time has come

#9. Why you keep attacking?


With a dedicated schedule of twice-a-week updates, Byot Art and their partner have amassed a staggering 473,000 Instagram followers. The success is a testament to their ability to humanize these larger-than-life entities, making them endearing and entertaining for a modern audience.

#10. Nothing

#11. Next


#12. Humans Praise

#13. Watch


What sets “Goofy Gods Comics” apart is its ability to blend heartwarming characters, captivating settings, and unexpected plot twists into bite-sized comic strips. The once-gloomy God of the Dead, often depicted with a foreboding demeanor, now charms audiences with his lovable personality, accompanied by a rather adorable three-headed dog.

#14. Let’s Roll

#15. Despair Mortal


#16. Is He Ok?

#17. Responsibilities


For those eager to explore the best of these quirky tales, a treasure trove of their finest comics awaits below. These comics invite readers into a world where gods grapple with mundane yet uproarious challenges, offering a refreshing and humorous take on mythology that resonates with audiences of all ages.

#18. Favorite Theme Park

#19. Hilarious


#20. Facing Your Demons

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