A Cartoonist Unleashing the World of Goofy Gods in a Humorous Way (30 Drawings)

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Today, let’s dive into the wacky and wild world of Goofy Gods Comics. Imagine a universe where gods aren’t all serious and stern but instead are a bunch of goofballs with powers beyond imagination. Yep, that’s what you get with Goofy Gods Comics. First off, picture this: Zeus, the mighty Greek god of thunder, is not just hurling lightning bolts but also cracking jokes that could make you roll on the floor laughing. Yep, that’s the vibe of these comics—taking ancient legends and adding a hilarious twist!


In these comics, you’ll find gods from different cultures, not just the Greek pantheon. You’ve got Anubis from Egypt, Loki from Norse mythology, and even the mischievous Monkey King from Chinese folklore, all chilling together and getting into some seriously silly situations.

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Credit: Goofy Gods Comics

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#1. Just Hades trying to please his vegetation goddess 

image 1853

#2. Still Babies

image 1854

#3. Can I see it?

image 1855
image 1856
image 1857
image 1859
image 1856
image 1858

What makes these comics a riot? Well, it’s a blend of epic powers and everyday mishaps. Picture Thor, the Norse god of thunder, trying to figure out a smartphone, or Athena, the Greek goddess of wisdom, accidentally casting spells that turn her hair into a rainbow-colored mess. It’s all about these divine beings navigating the modern world with all their ancient powers and quirks intact. The artwork? Oh, it’s mind-blowing! Bright colors, larger-than-life panels, and expressions that’ll crack you up—every detail is carefully crafted to bring these eccentric gods to life in the most hilarious way possible.

#4. Father of the year

image 1860
image 1861
image 1862
image 1864
image 1863
image 1865
image 1866

This web comic series was created by French artist Byot Art. The comics quickly became popular, and he now has over 467,000 followers on Instagram. But hey, it’s not all goofiness. Amidst the laughter, these comics often sneak in some pretty cool life lessons. From teamwork to acceptance and even poking fun at the gods’ own flaws, there’s a subtle depth beneath the humor that makes these stories relatable and heartwarming.

#5. Check This Out

image 1867
image 1868
image 1869
image 1870
image 1871
image 1872
image 1873

The best part? Anyone can enjoy Goofy Gods Comics! Whether you’re a hardcore comic nerd or just dipping your toes into the world of graphic storytelling, these comics have something for everyone. The humor is universal, and the stories are a refreshing break from the usual superhero sagas. So, if you’re up for a rollercoaster ride through mythology with a hefty dose of humor, grab yourself some Goofy Gods comics. Be warned, though—you might end up snorting with laughter and seeing ancient gods in a whole new, well, goofy light!


image 1874
image 1875
image 1877
image 1876
image 1878
image 1879
image 1881
image 1882

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