20 Wacky Comics Full of Amusing Jokes and Twists by Glass Houses

After a hard day at the office, people are attracted to enjoyable and interesting activities. This could be anything that makes them smile, such as playing a game, reading a book, spending time with loved ones, or watching a humorous show. People want to calm down, forget about their work, and get their energy back for the next day. Those who appreciate Bored Comics come here to laugh and relax.

We are bringing another batch of Glass Houses comics to our fans. The artist has already made his debut on Bored Comics, which you can read here and here. The author of this comic strip has not revealed any private information. His cleverness and deception are widely recognized. His comics focus primarily on strange situations and ridiculous humor. Approximately 1,918 individuals have followed him on Instagram.

Credit: Glass Houses Comics

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According to the artist, weird situations with unexpected turns may keep you interested and guessing. The unexpectedly hilarious touch keeps things interesting and leaves you wanting more. So be sure to check out his comics in the upcoming gallery if you are feeling sad. Having a nice laugh and taking a break from reality could be the perfect way to improve your day.

#1. Free School Lunches

#2. Nervous Laugh

#3. Scary Mondays


#4. Death Comes

#5. Protect kids

#6. Can’t see anything


He is a well-liked Instagram comedy series with touching and humorous scenes. He is a 25-year-old illustrator and graphic designer. His carefully designed comics are meant to be both meaningful and funny, and they are full of weird and sometimes ridiculous scenarios. As he shares his views with people all across the world on social media, he has never failed to make people happy.

#7. where am i?

#8. Builder

#9. Deadliest Catch


#10. Guilty as hell

#11. Customer Service

#12. Driving me crazy


#13. No Proof about aliens

#14. Last Family secret

The creator started making comics because he loved to draw, but he also discovered that reading and watching popular web comics online was a lot of fun. His primary goal is to attract the attention of as many people as possible, in addition to drawing illustrations on themes that people find interesting. If his content brings a smile to your face, then it is not justice to not share his content with others in order to support the artist.

#15. Commit such crimes


#16. Three Wishes

#17. Sick Grandmother

#18. Be Like Me


#19. Wizarding school

#20. So Closed

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