20 Glass Houses Comics Full of Wacky Situations to Make Your Day Better

Today we are back to discuss a brilliant artist who claimed that in this busy world, nobody has time for enjoyment. The creator wants to make people laugh when they are having a hard day or are feeling down by creating comics that create emotions similar to those his readers might have on a bad day. You may not be familiar with Glass Houses Comics because he does not have a large number of followers or fame on Instagram.

But you will become a true fan of his comics after you see them. This comic strip’s creator hasn’t shared any personal information. His humor, twists, and turns are well known. His comics are primarily focused on bizarre scenarios and absurd humor. There are roughly 1,739 people who have followed him on Instagram. The following section contains his finest comics.

Credit: Glass Houses Comics

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#1. Strong Man

#2. We all have that friend

#3. Stuck


#4. Not a Fighter

#5. Vote

#6. The Miller movie we really want to see


The creator began creating comics out of his passion for drawing, but he also found that many well-known web comics were really enjoyable to read and watch online. In addition to creating cartoons based on topics that people find appealing, his main objective is to grab the attention of as many people as possible. That’s why the artist has made the decision to no longer make new comics, as he is not getting as many encouraging messages from his fans. 

#7. A vicious cycle

#8. Have To Choose

#9. Don’t Worry


#10. Selfie

#11. Sandwich Artists

#12. Fresh Fish


#13. Mommy’s Kiss

#14. He Knows

#15. Sleep Paralysis Demon


The artist says that the unexpected twists and turns in wacky stories can keep you engaged and guessing. The surprise element of the humor adds to the enjoyment and keeps you wanting more. So next time you are feeling down, be sure to check out his other comics by clicking here. A good laugh and a break from reality might be just what you need to turn your day around.

#16. Search History

#17. Sniffer

#18. Real Tough


#19. Treat

#20. Space Suit

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