20 Relatable Single-Panel Illustrations Show Adulthood Challenges

Many adult experiences are universal, regardless of individual experiences or situations. We often use humor to deal with difficult situations, and comics excel at turning life’s awkward moments into relatable laughs. It can be comforting and even motivating to see amusing characters dealing with similar problems. For this reason, we present to you a comic artist whose works depict similar scenarios.

Let me introduce you to an artist whose name is Frances. She is a popular illustrator and comic artist, with over 149,000 followers on Instagram. She mostly shares single-panel, funny, and relatable comics about everyday life, often featuring strong female characters. Her unique style mixes bold colors, expressive lines, and playful humor. You can check out her best illustrations in the following section.

Credit: Frances Comics

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#1. Unsolicited Advice

#2. Relatable

#3. Let’s Worry

#4. Feelings

#5. Anxiety

#6. Balancing Act

The worries and difficulties of navigating life in your twenties and early thirties are frequently explored in Frances’s comics. They address issues including social discomfort, dating blunders, self-doubt, work difficulties, and the pressure to be proficient in every field. Her comics tackle topics including body image, sexism in the workplace, and expectations set for women by society, and many of them present a strong female viewpoint.

#7. Sunday Night

#8. Brain

#9. Weekend

#10. Stop Assuming

#11. Help

#12. Me to Me

#13. Pillow Fort

#14. Weather

All things considered, Frances’s illustrations provide a realistic and often humorous look into the challenges of young adulthood, especially for women. Her bright painting style, coupled with comedy and sensitivity, produces a unique and captivating experience that many readers can relate to. I hope you all enjoy and can identify with her comics. Remember to share and leave a comment on this blog. I hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Control

#16. Avoid

#17. Struggles

#18. Relatable

#19. Being an adult

#20. Very True

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