20 Fowl Language Comics Shows Parenting Struggles in a Hilarious Way

There are some comics that don’t need an introduction. Some may not require it because they are well known enough, but in this case, they may be so fantastic that it is difficult to make a point about them and sketch them. Similarly, there is an artist who creates quirky comics, and his comics are well-known. Brian Gordon is the name of the artist. He is the creator of the webcomic series Fowl Language Comics, where he regularly uploads his hilarious and mostly single-panel illustrations.


He created his own comics with his own hands. That is why he has had so much success. Through his quirky comics, he continues to entertain his 358,000 true fans. Despite having a large number of followers on Instagram, he is still growing. For nearly a decade, the artist has been showering us with hilarious and amusing comics. We’ve collected some of his best work. Let’s enjoy this artist’s hilarious comics in the section below to make your mood happy.

Credit: Fowl Language Comics

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#1. New friend


#2. Video Game


#3. Footage

#4. Halloween


#5. First Video

#6. Crazy Stuff


He primarily creates single-panel comics because, according to the artist, it is sufficient to complete the entire story on a single panel. His comics feature a cast of colorful birds. It is syndicated in over 200 newspapers worldwide and has won numerous awards. His comics are mostly based on hilarious situations, which are always worth watching.

#7. Concert

#8. Scream


#9. Still listen

#10. Social Distancing


#11. Another walk

#12. Just a refresher


#13. Let’s see

#14. Good


This comic strip, running since 2005, features a cast of colorful birds who get into relatable situations, often expressed through humor. It’s known for its witty dialogue, relatable themes, and charming art style. The artist always captures clever twists in his comics. If you find his comics amusing, then don’t forget to share this blog. For more enjoyment, visit here.

#15. Refusing

#16. Go to hell


#17. Day Care

#18. Scratchy Tag


#19. No easier way

#20. Kids Memory


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