20 Extra Fabulous Comics Based on Dark Humor That Will Make You Laugh

Extra Fabulous Comics is a web comic series created by one of the best-known artists in the world of comics. His name is Zach M. Stafford. He began creating extra-fabulous comics in 2009, and since then, the series has gained popularity for its unique combination of humor and social commentary. Dark humor fans will enjoy his comics because he primarily addresses sensitive topics like relationships, mental health, and existential fear.


This artist is one of those who, when it comes to creativity, has a perfect sense of dark humor. Since beginning his career as a professional comic book artist, he has amassed a sizable following of 678,000 on social media. He explores depression, anxiety, and the difficulties faced by modern living. We’ve put together a collection of his best-loved and most recent comics that will definitely put a smile on your face. Scroll down to see these hilarious comics.

Credit: Extra Fabulous Comics

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#1. Big foot


#2. Secret Technique


#3. Angel

#4. Inter Dementia


#5. Flow Chart

#6. Don’t want to be horny


While working in a grocery store, Zach suffered a hand injury from a bandsaw. He had to reconsider his career path as a result of this little disturbance. Zach’s hand began to recover, and he began exploring his childhood interest in comics drawing again. This incident has served as a turning point, leading him to continue with his creative dream.

#7. Plans

#8. Pay me a toll


#9. Plenty of sleep

#10. Good Luck


#11. Old Student

#12. Sniff


#13. Feet Pics

#14. Last Straw


He says the humor in Extra Fabulous Comics might be considered dark or offensive to some readers. But as his readers are mostly dark humor lovers, they enjoy a lot of his comics and give their positive feedback in the comment section. If you enjoy dark humor and comics that explore difficult topics in a relatable way, his earlier articles could be a good fit for you. For this, you have to Click Here And Here.

#15. Freeze

#16. Forgiveness


#17. I can do this

#18. Inside it


#19. New Watch

#20. Last Night


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