20 Elenamics Comics Shows Her Experiences Being a Girl and in Relationship

We’re back with more cute comics from a female Mexican artist for you to enjoy. On Instagram, she is the artist who goes by the handle @Elenamics. Elena is her true name. Her following on Instagram is growing fast. Her brightly colored artwork and comics gained popularity, and she now has over 288,000 followers. The artist’s main objective is to satisfy her audience by making comics about topics that they are familiar with.


For the benefit of her followers, the artist keeps details of her personal life private. She refuses to reveal a lot about herself as a result. Realistic themes like friendship, love, and self-discovery are often addressed in her writings. Elenamics creates comics in addition to illustrations. Her comics are serialized on a regular basis and follow the adventures of a number of lovable characters. View some of her best comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Elenamics

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#1. Too Short


#2. Look at


#3. Back Hurts So much

#4. Really Good


#5. Wake Up Early

#6. What’s Up?


The artist lived with her partner, and they also have a beautiful cat in their home. She is the artist who mostly creates comics about her experiences as a girl and in a relationship with her partner. Her comics are always based on things that happen in her daily life. Sometimes, she creates comics with her cat as well.

#7. Hard Experiment

#8. Christmas


#9. Look

#10. Hate her


#11. Save Energy

#12. Let’s Skip


#13. Hurry

#14. Remember


#15. Taste

According to her, Instagram is the main platform where you can view her most recent comics and interact with her followers. She interacts with her followers on a regular basis, addressing questions and replying to comments. This develops a feeling of connection and inspires further love for her work. We hope you all enjoy her comics. Please click here if you would like to explore further.

#16. Happy Birthday


#17. Dying to talk

#18. Alarm


#19. Day Off

#20. Being Adult


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