These Three Long Horror Comic Stories by El Comics Will Give You Goosebumps




For decades, comics have been an important aspect of popular culture in Latin American countries, with numerous local artists and writers contributing to the form. With a lengthy history of both original works and translations of foreign comics, comics have always played a significant role in Spanish culture. The first comics appeared in Latin America around the beginning of the 20th century, when imported comics from the US and Europe enthralled readers there.

However, it wasn’t until the mid-20th century that Latin American artists started to create their own original content, inspired by their unique cultures, folklore, and political situations. “El Comics” (often spelled “El Cómic” in Spanish) refers to the medium of comic books or graphic novels in the Spanish language. It encompasses a wide range of visual storytelling formats, typically combining illustrations and text to tell a narrative. Several horror comic titles from El Comics have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional storytelling and haunting artwork.

Comics are popular in many Spanish-speaking countries and have a rich history and diverse range of genres. Horror has always held a powerful allure, drawing in audiences with its ability to evoke fear and excitement. Horror comic stories are a captivating and spine-chilling form of storytelling that have been delighting and terrifying readers for decades. Combining the visual elements of art with the narrative power of storytelling, horror comics create an immersive experience that can leave audiences feeling unsettled, frightened, and captivated all at once. As horror comics continue to rise, it’s safe to say that El Comics will remain a powerhouse in the world of horror storytelling, continuing to give readers goosebumps for generations to come.

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#1. The boy

#2. Stay

#3. Prey

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