20 Brand New Embarrassing “Drawtism” Drawings That Make Fun of Daily Life

Drawtism, a native of the UK who lives near the border between Wales and England, is a hobbyist artist. Official records show that he works as an engineer. Nonetheless, his line of work in no way restricts his artistic ability. He has worked hard to hone his straightforward storytelling approach and establish a recognizable visual style. This artist stands out from other artists on the site thanks to their unique flair.

He is recognized for creating stunning artwork that is extremely delicate, challenging, and minutely detailed. The artist’s works serve as a testament to their talent and dedication to their craft. The success of Drawtism is due to their ability to connect with their audience. The artist interacts frequently with his 206,000 followers, responding to comments and questions. His admirers are obviously as passionate about art as the artist is, and this degree of engagement has aided in cultivating a sizable and committed fan base.

The extraordinary attention to detail that goes into each piece is one of his work’s most remarkable characteristics. Each pen or brush stroke is positioned with precision to produce a unified and fascinating composition. From intricate line drawings to vibrant abstract paintings, Drawtism’s work is consistently of the highest caliber and passion. Each work of art he produces has a narrative that is enhanced by the level of detail. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations. By clicking here, you can view his earlier posts on boredcomics.

Credit : Draw_tism

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#1. Can you spot me?

#2. Blind Date

#3. Summer

#4. Urinal etiquette

#5. Tell me something i don’t know

#6. Dammit doctor

#7. Growing a beard

#8. Gold medals

#9. Room service

#10. Modern love story

#11. Birthday treat

#12. Bold assumption

#13. Bedroom kink

#14. Jellyfish sting

#15. At the back of car

#16. Cannot think of anything better

#17. Using toys in bedroom

#18. Procedure questions?

#19. Calling in sick

#20. Smart Delivery

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