20 Downhill Dumps Comics Shows Two Orphaned Boys Living in a Garbage Dump


Downhill Dumps is a web comic created by an artist known online by the same name that follows the story of two orphaned boys living in a garbage dump. His comics are available for free on his Instagram and Facebook account. The main theme of Downhill Dumps is comedic, finding humor in the everyday lives of the two main characters. His comics are known for their lighthearted and silly takes on everyday situations.

His comics follow the lives of two young orphan boys named Deck and Boss, who live in a garbage dump. Despite the humor, Downhill Dumps also explores themes of friendship and found family as the two boys experience the challenges of growing up without parents in a unique environment. Although he has a small audience of 8,759 Instagram followers, his comics are worth watching.

Credit: Downhill Dumps 

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#1. Belly Button


#2. Stop digging

#3. Clean Comedy


#4. Quick Police

#5. Naughty List


#6. Brains

Basically, it is a comedic web comic with a focus on fart jokes and humorous situations. There’s more to Downhill Dumps than just humor. The two brothers’ loving friendship is the central theme of the comic. Their mistakes and adventures in the trash dump highlight their determination, creativity, and constant support for one another, creating a connection that readers can relate to.

#7. Garlic Shampoo


#8. Night light

#9. Tiny shop


#10. Traded

#11. Ugly Nickel


#12. Perfect noodle amount

#13. Emotional


The artist’s comics have been drawn to explore these themes in a lighthearted way through the lens of the boys’ experiences in the dump. If you enjoy lighthearted humor with a touch of heart, Downhill Dumps might be the comic for you. If you find this blog interesting, then don’t forget to comment about your favorite comics from this blog.

#14. Time machine

#15. Nailing it


#16. Wipe this

#17. Life time


#18. Big twist

#19. Scratchy Cat


#20. Happy Birthday

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