20 Times an Artist Dogmodog Creates Weird Comics Full of Dark Humor

If you’re an avid Instagram user, chances are you’ve come across the work of “Dogmodog,” an artist who creates weird comics full of dark humor. With a following of over 44,300 on the platform, Dogmodog has amassed a devoted fan base that eagerly anticipates each new comic. So who is Dogmodog? The artist behind this is a pseudonym for an artist who creates weird comics that are sure to make you laugh while also giving you a dose of dark humor. 

The comics feature a variety of characters, including dogs, humans, and even aliens, all of whom are caught in bizarre situations. Despite the simplicity of the illustrations, the characters are incredibly expressive, with exaggerated facial expressions that perfectly capture the absurdity of the situations they find themselves in. The humor is dark, sometimes morbid, but always hilarious.

While the humor in Dogmodog’s comics may not be for everyone, there’s no denying the artist’s talent for creating memorable characters and situations that will stick with you long after you’ve finished reading. The comics often touch on deeper themes, such as the absurdity of modern life or the fragility of human existence, making them more than just a collection of jokes. His comics offer a refreshing and humorous perspective that is sure to bring a smile to your face. If you’re a fan of weird humor and clever illustrations, be sure to check out the section below. By clicking here and here, you can also enjoy his previous posts on boredcomics.

Credit: Dogmodog

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#1. Double Jeopardy

#2. For one brief moment, Tom thought he’d finally found happiness

#3. Going on first date takes courage

#4. A collab with Bunkynumnums

#5. Human Toilet

#6. Behind every adoption lies a beautiful story

#7. Let’s see it

#8. Dad’s in trouble

#9. Did you get my request

#10. Love you more than anything

#11. Get shy in public bathrooms

#12. Where the hell were you?

#13. Mysterious ways

#14. The trial of Tom Rivers

#15. Catch and release

#16. Pocket Queens

#17. The game of horse

#18. There are few of my favourite things

#19. Ridiculous Meal

#20. People say it’s a dangerous breed

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