20 Slice-of-Life Comics about Two Dinosaurs Who Are Best Friends

A comfy couch that takes you back in time, not just with its retro design but with a wild, prehistoric secret. Yes, you heard it right—a Dinosaur Couch! But how on earth could a couch have anything to do with dinosaurs? Let’s dive into this fascinating story.

Imagine a team of scientists digging at an ancient site, unearthing the fossils of majestic dinosaurs. Now, here’s where it gets mind-boggling. These scientists stumbled upon a peculiar finding—an intact nest of dinosaur eggs. But instead of being buried deep in the ground, they were nestled beneath a peculiar structure that seemed out of place—a large, cushiony object.

Upon closer inspection, they realized it was a peculiarly preserved couch. How could a couch end up with dinosaurs, you wonder? Well, the story goes that millions of years ago, during the dinosaur era, this specific couch was likely part of a household or settlement. Unbeknownst to anyone, the location where this couch sat was right on top of a clutch of dinosaur eggs.

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Credit: Dinosaur Couch

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#1. Meaning of Life

#2. So Negative

#3. Party Tonight

#4. More Exciting

#5. Failed Again

Meet James, the creative genius behind this delightful duo. He’s not a time-traveling paleontologist but an Instagram artist with a knack for bringing dinosaurs to life in the most unexpected and relatable ways. Through his colorful and whimsical illustrations, Tortoise and Dino found their home on social media, tickling funny bones and warming hearts with their antics.

#6. Hobbies

#7. Big Beds

#8. Being Alone

#9. Forever

#10. Don’t Know

#11. Baby Dinosaur

With a staggering 4.3 million followers, James’ creations have become a sensation. It’s not just about the numbers, though—it’s about how Tortoise and Dino have nestled their way into the hearts of people worldwide. From kids to adults, everyone finds joy in these delightful comics. Each post is a little peek into their dino-sized world, where laughter is abundant and friendship knows no bounds. James’ talent isn’t just in drawing; it’s in weaving stories that resonate with the simplicity and magic of friendship.

#12. Forget Something

#13. Where are we going?

#14. Thank You

#15. Mistake

#16. Take a Nap

#17. That’s Good

What makes these comics stand out is their everyday charm. Imagine Dino trying to master a skateboard or Tortoise attempting to cook with those tiny T-Rex arms—yep, that’s the kind of hilarity you can expect. But it’s not just about the laughs; it’s about the beautiful bond these two share. Their friendship is a reminder that differences don’t matter when it comes to true companionship. So, if you’re ever in need of a dose of laughter or a reminder of the beauty of friendship, Tortoise and Dino’s escapades are just a scroll away. Join the 4.3 million others who’ve found solace, joy, and a whole lot of dino-mite fun in these colorful slices of prehistoric life!

#18. Doing Nothing

#19. Lottery

#20. Any Shit

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