20 Motivational Comics Shows Two Dinosaurs Experiencing the Challenges of Life

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We are back today to discuss a web comic that explores the daily lives of two different dinosaurs. Dinosaur Couch is the title of this comic series. There are two authors and illustrators who are working on this comic strip. K. is a Finland-based artist, and James is a Canadian. The two dinosaurs, T-Rex and Alex, are the subjects of this tale. Mr. Prickles is a talking cactus who occasionally makes an appearance as a guest star. On Instagram, they right now have 4.3 million followers, which is a significant following.


Credit: Dinosaur Couch

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You can explore Bored Comics in detail by clicking on these links: Here And Here. These links will take you to his more amazing content and comics, which we have previously featured on our website. Also, keep scrolling through the blog to explore the daily lives of two dinosaurs.

#1. That was Awful

image 932

#2. You are Beautiful

image 933

#3. Wonderful Imagination

image 934

#4. Quit This Job

image 935

Ryan Pequin becomes the new owner of this webcomic series. In his comics, a duo of lovable dinosaurs portray the highs and lows of living together. They create a kind and understanding group by seeking comfort, companionship, and comedy in the company of one another. Their combined abilities use humor, conversation, and emotional graphics to bring these lovable dinosaurs to life.

#5. Here for you

image 936

#6. What are you doing?

image 937

#7. When you grow up

image 938

#8. Time Travelling Robot

image 939

#9. Parties

image 941

From struggles with friendships and relationships to existential anxieties and the ever-present burden of bills, these dinosaurs face situations anyone can connect with. Their bills involve meteor showers instead of electricity. The overall mood is slightly warmed by touching moments of friendship, support, and finding comfort in common experiences.

#10. So Many Hobbies

image 940

#11. Do you have emotions?

image 942

#12. Going on adventures

image 944

#13. Good Night

image 945

#14. Horrible Weather

image 946

The supporting relationship between the dinosaur characters acts as the comic’s central topic. Their conversations highlight how important it is to have friends who understand you and to feel like you belong. The characters battle fears and self-doubt, but in the end, they discover who they are and how to get past the challenges they face.

#15. Asteroid is going to hit

image 947

#16. Everything is Awful

image 948

#17. Big Project to do

image 949

#18. That’s the good Stuff

image 950

People could relate to the common feelings and situations that he depicts in his comics. Dinosaur Couch is a form of comic that provides an original perspective on modern life through the eyes of, well, dinosaurs. It’s humorous, interesting, and worth checking out. If you like his comics as well, please share your thoughts in the comments.

#19. External Validation

image 951

#20. So Busy this weekend

image 952

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