20 Deliberately Buried Comics Famous for Dark Humor and Unexpected Twists

Deliberately Buried Comics is a web comic created by skillful artist Sean […]

Deliberately Buried Comics is a web comic created by skillful artist Sean Berthiaume. He is the artist who is famous for dark humor and unexpected twists. He creates comic strips and lives in Brooklyn. He’s been in this industry for a very long time. The artist is active on several social media platforms, including Instagram and Facebook. At the moment, he has 96,800 devoted Instagram followers, which is a big following.

The artist is skilled at transforming everyday events into strange or humorous ones. Even though his humor can appear dark and even frightening at times, it’s always delivered in a brilliant way that makes you laugh out loud. He claims that he purposefully makes his comics appear more ridiculous than they actually are. His comics sometimes begin with an apparently normal setup before quickly turning bizarre or dark. Please scroll down to view his finest artwork.

Credit: Deliberately Buried

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#1. Magazines

#2. Deforest

#3. Birthday


#4. Moon

#5. Sale

#6. Reading Signs


His comics typically address death, murder, and other awful subjects in a witty and playful way. His comics sometimes start out with completely normal circumstances that end up taking an unexpected or bizarre turn that makes the reader laugh out loud or scream in shock. With his amazing artistic abilities, he makes his audience laugh in this way, and he covers all of these themes in just four panels.

#7. Game Boy

#8. Good Bye

#9. Get Home


#10. Legend

#11. Hilarious

#12. Hired


#13. People You May Know

#14. Get it

According to the artist, we have all experienced social awkwardness, wondered where we belong, or worried about the future. With a touch of the unexpected mixed in with these relatable experiences, his comics make us laugh at the awkward circumstances we’ve all experienced. You can visit Here And Here to read his previous posts on our website.

#15. Book


#16. Beautiful

#17. Comfort

#18. Listen


#19. Running out of time

#20. Wake Up

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