20 Dark Humor Comics with Surprising Endings by Deliberately Buried

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Deliberately Buried Comics is a web comic created by artist Sean Berthiaume. It is known for its unexpected turns and dark comedy. He is a known creator of dark humor comics that will make you laugh and feel a little uneasy. Each comic depicts an apparently ordinary scenario that takes a strange turn. Over 96,700 people have followed his Instagram account, and they are all excited to see what wonderfully dark humor masterpiece he will come up with next.


He is a comic book artist from Brooklyn. He’s been active in this field for a very long time. People find his amusing comics highly relatable, which makes them stand out and attract attention. We’ve collected a selection of his comics that gained him international recognition. So take a look at his comic work by scrolling down, and then leave a comment at the end with your thoughts.

Credit: Deliberately Buried

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#1. Easy way

image 109

#2. Video Game

image 108

#3. You will

image 110

#4. Coal Miners

image 111

#5. Can you do this?

image 112

#6. Table

image 107

Sean has an Instagram account where he posts all the fresh comics. His comics often deal with death, violence, and other dark themes, but they do so in a way that is funny and thought-provoking. His comics often start with seemingly normal situations that take a turn for the strange or absurd, leaving the reader with a chuckle or a gasp.

#7. Forgot

image 113

#8. Present

image 114

#9. Scissors

image 115

#10. Okay

image 116

#11. Practice

image 117

#12. Zombies

image 118

#13. Rental Stores

image 119

#14. Knew it

image 120

#15. Store Policy

image 121

#16. Puzzle

image 122

Sean’s art style is simple and clean, which allows the focus to be on the humor and story. His comics always have a surprising ending that you won’t see coming. If you’re looking for a webcomic that will make you laugh and think, Deliberately Buried Comics is definitely worth checking out. If you want to enjoy his earlier posts on our website, feel free to click here and here.

#17. Knowing Hole

image 123

#18. Behind you

image 124

#19. Miracle of science

image 125

#20. Up town girl

image 126

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