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Ever flipped through the newspaper or clicked through a website and stumbled upon a comic strip that made you snort out your morning coffee? Well, chances are you’ve encountered the whimsical, thought-provoking work of Dave Whamond, the maestro behind the syndicated comic strip “Reality Check.”

Now, Dave’s not your run-of-the-mill cartoonist. Sure, he sketches and doodles, but there’s a splash of something special in his illustrations that sets him apart. His comics aren’t just a sequence of funny pictures; they’re like tiny mirrors reflecting our world, but with a twist that’ll make you chuckle and ponder simultaneously.

Credit: Dave Whamond

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#1. Thinking

#2. Durn Unit

#3. Knock Knock

#4. Meds

#5. Cheese

Beyond “Reality Check,” Whamond’s a creative wizard who’s woven over 50 children’s books and graphic novels. Imagine colorful tales jumping off the pages, bringing giggles and lessons to the youngest minds. What’s his secret sauce, you ask? It’s that sharp wit of his, slicing through the humdrum of daily life to give us a peek into his unique universe. And it’s not just about the humor; his work dives into current events, giving us an ‘aha’ moment wrapped in laughter.

#6. Fairy Tale Product

#7. Jacket Off

#8. Godzilla

#9. Red Heart Candy

#10. Urologist

#11. Awesome Sauce

Now, what’s really cool about this guy is his passion for art and humanity. He’s this tireless advocate, shouting from the rooftops that art can change the world. It’s not just doodles and colors; it’s a megaphone for ideas and a catalyst for change. But wait, there’s more! It’s all about freedom of speech and open dialogue. He believes artists aren’t just entertainers; they’re challengers, poking at the status quo and asking, “Hey, why’s it like this?”

#12. Took Something

#13. The Night

#14. Sniffed

#15. Red Nose

#16. No FIlter

#17. Apples

Recognition? Oh, he’s got plenty! Seven shiny Silver Reuben awards from the National Cartoonists Society adorn his shelf, and his doodles have graced prestigious spots in The Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, and even Readers Digest. Yup, this guy’s the real deal.

But hold onto your hats; there’s more to Whamond than meets the eye! He’s not just a scribbler hidden in his studio. No, sir, he’s out there in the world, sharing his wisdom and humor. Schools, libraries, conferences—you name it, he’s probably given a talk there. And online? He’s buzzing in forums and discussion groups like a busy bee.

#18. Investigation Board

#19. Perfect World

#20. Beach

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