20 Dacro Comics Based on the Hilarious Adventures of a Group of Friends 

Friends sometimes have different personalities, which can make for amusing situations. Readers may find humor in stories that refer to adventures or private jokes among friends. Friendship adventures could involve using everyday happenings and creating amusing scenarios out of them. This is what an Instagram artist does. We bring you another collection of his hilarious comics to make you happy.

Let me introduce you to an Instagram artist whose good name is Dacro. He is well known for his comic series, Dacro Comics. He creates comics about a group of friends cursed to face danger whenever they go outside their apartment and other short stories. His comics are mostly based on his adventures with his friends. By doing so, he amassed 17,500 Instagram followers. You can check out his best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Dacro Comics

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#1. Still Miserable

#2. Passion

#3. Game is harder


#4. family is special

#5. Fantasy Book

#6. send more bits


Dacro described him as a clever, athletic, and passionate boy. You can relate to the variety of characters in Dacro Comics. Whether it’s the talkative and energetic Dacro, his group of friends, or the characters in the several short stories, Dacro gives them creativity, which increases the humor of their situations and struggles.

#7. Look my Hair

#8. Six Packs


#9. Wonderful strategy

#10. Don’t be like Dacro

#11. So Innocent


#12. Babe

#13. Ringtone

#14. Opposite Gender


#15. Runs Away

Dacro Comics shows a perfect combination of humor, action, and relatable everyday experiences. His comics are known for their lighthearted tone and ability to make you laugh. He mostly explores the awkwardness of the teenage years, the joy of friendship, or the amusement of everyday happenings. Hopefully, you people enjoy this blog. For more such interesting articles, visit our website on a regular basis.

#16. Life with cat

#17. Hilarious


#18. Lost the phone

#19. Relatable

#20. Skinny Guy


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