20 Comics by Sof Shows Struggles Faced by a Teenage Girl in a Hilarious Way

Teenage girls are on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression as they move toward knowing who they are. The teenage years are defined by rapid personal growth and self-discovery, whether through choices in fashion, creativity, or personal values. Anyone who has undergone the process of self-exploration can relate to the rewards of gaining self-confidence, overcoming anxieties, and discovering their identity.


Comics by Sof is a truly skilled Instagram account that relates to a wide age range of viewers by showing the successes of teenage girls. On Instagram, she has 25,800 followers that follow her. In her Instagram account, she portrays herself as a bored college student who enjoys creating humorous and familiar comics. Let’s enjoy her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Comics by Sof

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#1. Birthday


#2. Getting out of shower


#3. Two Types of People

#4. Summer Expectation


#5. Cold Water


#6. Diet

She is a girl who is studying at college. In her college days as a teenage girl, she goes through different struggles and joys. Being bored in college, she got the idea to draw her struggles in creative comics. So she started sharing her comics on social media platforms so that other girls could relate to her comics and not think that they were alone in their struggles.

#7. Movie


#8. To do List

#9. Perfect


#10. Dogs are pure souls unlike us corrupted humans

#11. Intrusive Thoughts


#12. Food Lover

#13. Short People


#14. Tall people

Her comics document her life as a relatable and goofy character. She mostly features themes of introversion, self-care, and everyday life. She has made a name for herself in the web comic field by skillfully dealing with teenage girls’ problems in a way that is easily understood. Her work is a dedication to the determination of teenage females, as well as a reflection and source of inspiration.

#15. Going to class


#16. Laughing

#17. Waking Up


#18. Productivity

#19. That’s Enough


#20. Afraid of spider

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