20 Cyanide and Happiness Comics Based on Dark Humor and Death Situations

Cyanide & Happiness is a popular web comic famous for its dark humor and hilarious content. This comic series got popularity from its Instagram account with the username Explosm Official. It is famous for its dark humor, which is mostly based on violence, death, and uncomfortable situations. Four artists, Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick, and Matt Melvin, have created it. The abbreviation C&H is commonly used.


Their comics use simple stick figures for characters, allowing the focus to be on the jokes rather than attractive artwork. His comic format is typically three to six panels long, which always delivers quick bursts of humor that can be shocking. With humorous posts on difficult topics like murder, death, and eternal fear, they have amassed 1.9 million Instagram followers. You can check out some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Cyanide And Happiness

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#1. Productive Day

#2. Don’t worry


#3. Yummy

#4. Sometimes less is more


#5. always wanted to do this

#6. Playing the long game


Cyanide & Happiness debuted in 2005. The dark humor of the comic was inspired by the artists’ previous work on stick figure death animations. They are very active on every social media platform. That’s why they have such huge followers all across the world. They also have Explosm Entertainment on YouTube, which offers animated adaptations of the comics and other content.

#7. Police

#8. It feels good


#9. Last night

#10. Personal Trainer


#11. Magical Lamp

#12. Too many


#13. Living the dream

#14. Never give up


The web comic’s artist says that the comic’s name has a backstory. It is based on a comic strip where a happy figure is selling cyanide-containing cotton candy. Due to that, the web comic got his name. You can view his earlier work on Bored Comics by clicking on the following links: HereHere, And Here. If you like dark comedy, ridiculous situations, and familiar characters, you should certainly check it out.

#15. That’s one way to do it

#16. It has to be this way


#17. Beat up

#18. Finish Him


#19. Truth Hurts

#20. That’s my favorite part


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