An Artist Perfectly Captures the Life of a Crazy Rich Guy (29 Pics)

Comics have a unique ability to make us laugh in ways that few other arts can. Their distinct combination of attractions and words creates a humorous playground that employs a number of comedy approaches. Visual jokes are one of the most effective techniques for comics to make us laugh. That is why we bring you another talented artist whose amusing cartoons will take you to the world of crazy rich guy.

The creator of these comics, a Malaysian artist by the name of Nixon Siow, is a fictitious “Crazy Rich Guy.” The comics poke fun at the excesses of privilege and riches while also being humorous and critical. On Facebook and Instagram, he regularly shares comics. The abrupt contrast between Nixon’s lavish lifestyle and his shockingly human weaknesses is what makes these comics funny. You can check out his recent illustration in the next section.

Credit: Crazy Rich Guy

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#1. Long Time, No See

The creator of this webcomic tells us that he was inspired to develop a new comic series about a rich person after viewing the comedy film Crazy Rich Asians. That’s how he began creating these kinds of comics. Through the creation of such content, he is able to connect with his 134,000 Instagram followers. Always humorous, his comics draw inspiration from the life of a rich guy. He generally draws comics in long panel form.

#2. Buy a New Phone

His comics provide us a glimpse into an incredibly wealthy world, allowing us to chuckle at its excesses before we return to our own slightly less insane but nonetheless wealthy existence with a sigh of relief. Explore the world of a crazy rich guy the next time you’re in need of a good laugh. Their ridiculous yet realistic mishaps may amuse and make you happy at the same time.

#3. Income Tax

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