20 Comics Explores the Whimsical World of Life Beyond the Grave

Hey there, fellow comic enthusiasts and curious souls! Today, let’s take a fun dive into a unique webcomic universe that’s both spooky and surprisingly heartwarming: Corpse Run Comics. Created by the imaginative mind of Alex Di Stasi, this webcomic isn’t your typical superhero saga or fantasy epic. Instead, it’s a delightful and quirky series that follows the escapades of some rather unconventional protagonists—a group of pals who happen to be, well, deceased!

Yep, you heard that right! Forget capes and magical realms; this comic explores the afterlife in a whole new light. Imagine a lively bunch of friends chilling out in a graveyard, embracing the quirks of their ghostly existence. Far from gloomy, these characters make the most of their afterlife by embarking on whimsical adventures and finding joy in the oddest places.

Credit: Corpse Run Comics

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#1. Need a Break

#2. Single Player Game

#3. Halloween

#4. Pee

#5. What’s with this?

#6. Baby Steps

The comic’s charm lies in its regular updates and the fact that it won’t cost you a penny to enjoy it. Every installment introduces us to the gang, each with their own distinct personalities and quirks. From mischievous pranks to heartfelt moments, Corpse Run Comics offers a rollercoaster of emotions, all within the eerie yet surprisingly cozy setting of a graveyard.

As we follow these spirited (pun intended!) characters, we witness their quest for amusement and purpose in their supernatural realm. They navigate through challenges unique to their afterlife existence, creating laughter and warmth along the way. You’ll find yourself chuckling at their antics and rooting for them as they navigate the afterlife’s peculiarities.

#7. Rule

#8. New TV

#9. Falling

#10. The Endless Now

#11. Hardcore

#12. Ladder

Moreover, Di Stasi’s art style is a treat for the eyes. The vivid panels bring the graveyard to life (ironic, isn’t it?), capturing both the spookiness and the camaraderie of the gang. Each character is wonderfully expressive, making it easy to connect with their adventures and mishaps.

#13. A Little Different

#14. Day Zero

#15. There was no other way

Whether you’re a fan of comics or simply looking for a fresh and offbeat story, Corpse Run Comics has something special to offer. It’s a testament to the idea that life, or in this case, the afterlife, is what you make of it—filled with laughter, friendship, and unexpected moments. So, if you’re up for a dose of the unusual and a sprinkle of the supernatural, give Corpse Run Comics a read. Join this lively crew in their graveyard escapades, and who knows, you might just find yourself embracing the sheer joy of the afterlife alongside them!

#16. To Death

#17. Sting

#18. Exercise Tips

#19. That’s Cute

#20. That’s Cute

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