20 Strange and Weird Comics by Comic Dux Will Tickle Your Funny Bone


Andy, the creator of the webcomic series Comicdux, has amassed a sizable following of 26,200 on Instagram thanks to his distinctive and frequently non-traditional comics. Andy is a standout creator in the webcomics industry thanks to his comics, which focus on the strange and absurd and break limits and conventional standards. The weird and strange, as well as the darker and more taboo parts of human nature, are all covered in his comics.

Andy’s comics are highly skilled and thought-provoking, even though they are frequently unusual and adult-oriented. His drawings stand out from those of other webcomic artists due to their level of artistry and intricacy. Some of his illustrations appear strange. Please take note that not all of his jokes are appropriate for younger audiences, so use your judgment when watching them. His comics are lighthearted and humorous without being obviously offensive or disturbing. Let’s take a look at some of his best comics.

Credit: Comic Dux

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#1. Internet Dating


#2. News

#3. Meeting


#4. Distraction

#5. Sky Dive


#6. Central Nervous System

The artist has a very straightforward and energetic approach. He typically only illustrates four-panel comics, which is more than enough to convey his imaginative and entertaining concepts. It is indisputable that his humor is distinct and not suitable for many audiences. He is distinct from other artists because of these small details. Because of this, his audience loves his comics so much and looks forward to them every time.

#7. So Close


#8. Technology

#9. Soap Samples


#10. Looks Weird

#11. Feed The Ducks


#12. Can’t Eat

#13. Sprinkles


So, if you’re sick of relationship comics, predictable narrative twists, and the same old comics, immerse yourself in the strange and beautiful world of Comic Dux. Bring a cup of coffee and expect to have your world twisted beyond recognition. We hope you enjoy his comics. If you want to read more of his comics, you can do so by clicking here.

#14. Christmas

#15. Snails


#16. Expectations

#17. Wake Up


#18. Sense Movement

#19. Hilarious


#20. Venom Spider Man

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