20 Times This Artist Draws Weird Comics Where Dark Humor Meets Unexpected Twists


Every artist brings their unique perspective and creativity to the forefront in their own way. From heartwarming stories to whimsical fantasies, the world of comics is as diverse as the human imagination. However, there’s a subset of creators who dare to venture into the realm of dark humor and unexpected twists, delivering narratives that are not for the faint of heart. Among these audacious creators stands Andy, known far and wide as Comicdux, an artist who fearlessly embraces the macabre and the absurd to craft comics that will undoubtedly leave you surprised and occasionally feeling a tad violated.

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Credit: Comicdux

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#1. What a pretty shell!


#2. Stop Questioning

#3. Transparent Mom


#4. Everything is covered

#5. Something not on the list


Comicdux is a comic creator who produces adult comics, sometimes featuring hentai and furry art. He is associated with D-Up Comix, which is a website that features a collection of his comics. The website includes a variety of comics, including those with adult themes. Comicdux has an Instagram account with the handle @comicdux. The account has 26,500 followers and features a collection of his unique and creative artwork. He also has a Reddit account with the same username. He is known for creating dark humor comics that cover a wide range of topics, from the surreal and fantastical to the darker and more taboo aspects of human nature.

#6. Stranger Houses

#7. Student Loan


#8. Expectation vs Reality

#9. Night Mode


#10. Just want a tan!

#11. Stop Playing


Comic Dux’s work is a rollercoaster of emotions, skillfully weaving dark humor into each comic panel. These aren’t your typical punchlines or light-hearted jokes; instead, they delve into the uncharted territories of the human psyche. Andy’s comics challenge conventional notions of what humor should be and dare to go where few others tread. The result is a collection of narratives that will shock, amuse, and possibly haunt you all at once.

#12. Accept Cookies

#13. Internet Dating


#14. Assignment Deadline

#15. Full of rubbish!


#16. What’s wrong?

#17. Smells Fishy


While dark humor is the bread and butter of Comic Dux, there’s also an inherent absurdity in the comics that keeps readers engaged. The narratives often take a surreal turn, leading to scenarios that are almost dreamlike in their bizarreness. The unexpected and absurd combine to create a unique brand of humor that isn’t easily replicated. The journey through each comic is a suspenseful one, with readers never quite sure where they’ll end up. The rug is frequently pulled from under your feet, leaving you in a state of surprise and even disbelief. Andy’s comics thrive on the element of shock, leaving an indelible mark on your memory.

#18. Magic Hat

#19. Love


#20. Trap

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