20 Comic Dux Based on Weird and Hilarious Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Comic Dux is the Instagram account of a comic creator known for his dark humor. Andy is the brilliant author behind this comic series. Andy’s comics, which center on the strange and absurd and challenge expectations, have made him an admired creator in the comics industry. His comics explore the unexpected as well as the more frightening and taboo aspects of human nature.


His comics are typically short, based on four panels with a simple and colorful art style. The artist’s comedy is not for everyone, and most of his stories have strange and surprising ends. His comics are for dark humor lovers, due to which he is able to grasp an audience of 25,600 followers on his Instagram account. We have collected some of his best comics for you in the following section.

Credit: Comic Dux

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#1. Lying Cow

image 1727

#2. Keep your dogs under control

image 1728

#3. Load

image 1729

#4. Hilarious

image 1730

#5. Bus

image 1731

#6. Philosophy

image 1732

Though sometimes strange and adult-oriented, Andy’s comics are extremely well-crafted and interesting. His level of skill and detail sets his drawings apart from those of other webcomic artists. His illustrations seem weird in some cases. Please use some caution when watching his jokes, as not all of them are suitable for younger audiences.

#7. Date

image 1733

#8. Mom is Typing

image 1734

#9. Happy birthday

image 1735

#10. Surgery

image 1736

#11. So Soft

image 1737
image 1738

#12. Hungry

image 1739
image 1740
image 1741

#13. You can’t beat a free sample

image 1742

#14. Hilarious

image 1743

The artist addresses things with great energy and clarity. His four-panel comics, which he usually illustrates alone, are more than sufficient to express his creative and interesting ideas. These little things set him apart from other artists. His audience looks forward to his comics every time because they enjoy them so much. If you also want to enjoy his previous posts on our website, then feel free to click here.

#15. Magic Trick

image 1744

#16. Dying

image 1745

#17. Bag Mate

image 1746

#18. Superhero

image 1747

#19. Got a job interview next week

image 1748

#20. Real Job

image 1749

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