Heart breaking Comic About An Pet Rabbit By Artist Jenny Jinya

Heart breaking Comic About An Pet Rabbit By Artist Jenny Jinya

Easter is right around the corner and although we will spend most of it alone, Jenny Jenny, the same artist who created the good boy and the black cat comic, still developed a major PSA on Easter rabbits. ۔

Apparently, domestic rabbits are one of the most ab-an-doned pets in the United States, and for a number of reasons. Many people see them as great “starter pets” and think they are easy to care for, but the reality is different. Rabbits actually need space to exercise and exercise and they cannot stay in the ca-ge for long. Another little-known fact is that they do not like to be picked up because they are prey animals. Put all these facts together and it may come as a surprise to someone who just wants to keep a cute rabbit in a ca-ge. After Easter, rabbit at-ta-cks on animal shelters have even led many pet stores to refuse to sell them before the holiday.

As always, Jenny’s webcomics is a real scream, but she still manages to get it right. Check it out in the gallery below.

Credit: Jenny-Jinya.com | Facebook

As the rabbits mature, they begin to notice signs of aggression, something that can be easily fixed or avoided. Sadly, many owners do not realize this or do not want to pay too much for these procedures and simply want to eliminate them or release them into the wild.

Pet owners believe that rabbits will survive in the wild. But the sad fact is that domestic rabbits do not have the skills needed to survive in the wild.

People loved Jenny’s little things

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