Here are 20 Absurd Comics Full of Jokes and Unexpected Twists by Colms Comics

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With creators from all over the world showing their distinctive styles and enthralling audiences with their inventiveness, Instagram has grown to be a treasure trove of artistic talent. One of these Instagram-popular creators is “Colms Comics,” who is well-known for his weird comics that are packed with jokes and unexpected turns. Colms Comics has been making waves in the world of webcomics thanks to its expanding fan base and distinctive visual style.


The artist behind the account goes by the alias “Colms Comics,” who is renowned for his clever and unusual sense of humor. His comics frequently have strange and eccentric situations that take readers by surprise and make them laugh. Colms Comics injects humor into commonplace scenarios and dull circumstances with unexpected punchlines and smart visual gags, offering a distinctive and novel viewpoint to the comics industry. His comics frequently connect with readers who may identify with the oddball scenarios and hilarious remarks shown in the panels.

On Instagram, 38,500 people are now following him. Colm Comics’ comics manage to express a surprisingly high level of detail and emotion despite taking a minimalist approach with straightforward line art and a small color palette. Exaggerated faces and gestures are frequently used to depict the characters in comic books, which heightens their hilarious value. The images are simple and uncluttered, which puts the emphasis on the humor and surprising turns. Check out his most recent 20 illustrations in the next area if you need a nice laugh and a dose of unexpected humor. Great day to you!

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Credit: Colms Comics

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#1. Spotify wrapped 2022

image 364

#2. What is it doctor?

image 365

#3. Black jack

image 366

#4. Witch Beth

image 367

#5. Where is Hitman?

image 368

#6. Happy Valentines

image 369

#7. Dead shame

image 371

#8. I can’t feel my legs

image 372

#9. Hello Brighton!

image 373

#10. Flirting with death

image 379

#11. Hands are hard

image 375

#12. Merry Christmas!

image 376

#13. Happy Halloween!

image 378

#14. Love and kindness

image 380

#15. Who are you?

image 381

#16. Biblically accurate pick up line

image 382

#17. Sketchy

image 383

#18. Gotta go faster!

image 384

#19. You died!

image 385

#20. Life of an artist

image 386

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