20 Colms Comics Full of Dark Humor Make You Laugh Out Loud

Not many of us stop from occasionally scrolling through some jokes on […]

Not many of us stop from occasionally scrolling through some jokes on social media. Comics are a common part of our lives these days. That’s why we have another good collection of fantastic comics for you. Let me introduce you to the webcomic known as Colms Comics. The cartoonist behind this web comic is Colm O’Hare, and he usually captures dark humor and unexpected endings.

On his Instagram account, the creator of these comics describes himself as just a man with a pen, a dream, and a very strange sense of humor, despite the fact that he hasn’t revealed much about himself. He currently has 42,000 followers on Instagram. His comics will probably make you laugh out loud because they’re so funny and have unexpected endings. Yo can also enjoy his previous posts on our website by clicking here and here.

Credit: Colms Comics

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#1. Santa

#2. Best Buy

#3. Nice Shot


#4. Death

#5. Call

#6. Updating


His comics always consist of four panels. The best thing about his comics is that there is always a hidden twist in every panel, which makes us laugh out loud. When we feel that we get the joke, then there is a clever twist in the next panel, which even makes us laugh. This is what makes his comics stand out from those of other artists.

#7. Ready

#8. Hacker

#9. Big Announcement


#10. Valentines Day

#11. Naughty

#12. Day Off


#13. Painting

#14. Shot Gun

#15. Nasty


The artist uses many twisted scenarios to display many characters, such as Snow White, Harry Potter, Iron Man, and other fictional characters, as well as some random guys. The artist frequently receives positive comments, such as amusement or praise, on the artwork. We sincerely hope that his comics brighten your day. Please remember to share and leave a comment if you find the blog to be enjoyable. Enjoy your time.

#16. Easy to let

#17. No kids allowed

#18. Look


#19. Bird Watching

#20. The Fountain Youth

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