This Artist Injects Humor into Ordinary Situations by Creating Clever Visual Puns (20 Comics)

Comics centered around ordinary situations by creating clever visual puns have a remarkable ability to brighten our day and uplift our spirits. These unique comics infuse the ordinary with a dose of humor and creativity, inviting us to see the world through a more playful and imaginative lens. As we engage with these comics, we find ourselves chuckling at the unexpected twists and clever wordplay. The comics serve as a gentle reminder that there’s potential for delight and surprise.

Meet a new webcomic series created by Colm O’Hare. It features a variety of short, humorous comics about everyday life, pop culture, and the absurd. Colms Comics is known for its simple yet effective art style and its clever, often self-deprecating humor. The comics are known for their humor and unexpected endings. The comics aim to make readers laugh and often have a dark sense of humor. They inject humor into everyday scenarios and dull circumstances.

Colms Comics offers a refreshing and humorous take on everyday situations, providing readers with unexpected twists and laughs along the way. The comics are typically four panels long, and they often feature a single joke or punchline. Colms is not afraid to tackle serious topics, but he always does so with a sense of humor. He also has a knack for finding humor in everyday situations, which makes his comics relatable to a wide audience of 31,500 followers. Colms Comics is updated every Friday and Monday. You can read the comics on the Colms Comics website or on Webtoon. If you are looking for a funny, relatable webcomic, then Colms Comics is definitely worth checking out.

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Credit: Colms Comics

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#1. Batman

#2. Doctor

#3. Workout

#4. What is it?

#5. Work Ethic

#6. How to draw?

#7. Bear Survival

#8. Don’t Notice Me

#9. Oh shit

#10. High Expectation Jump

#11. Childhood Lullabies

#12. Favorite Song

#13. Any concerns?

#14. The worst kind of torture

#15. Just shut down

#16. Jackpot

#17. Golf

#18. Found it

#19. PS5

#20. Bad Cop

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