20 Chuck Draws Things Comics Shows Struggles with Mental Health and Anxiety

Chuck Draws Things is a daily web comic created by artist Chuck Mullin, featuring funny and relatable comics about life, often tackling themes of mental health and anxiety. Her comics usually use pigeons as the main characters and are known for their simple yet expressive art style. She is an Instagram artist who creates comics about her experiences with mental illness using pigeons. He has 93,100 Instagram followers.

She is a 28-year-old London-based artist who uses her skill to create adorable cartoons that depict her everyday life. A pigeon acts as her major character. The artist uses pigeons as the main characters in her comics, which are about her struggles with mental illness, especially anxiety and sadness. Her primary goal is to use her amusing illustrations to raise awareness. The next section features her top 20 illustrations.

Credit: Chuck Draws Things

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#1. So anxious

#2. Deep Breath

#3. Sadness

#4. Take so long

#5. Such a burden

#6. doing what you can

She does this through comics featuring her signature characters, pigeons. she connects with pigeons because of their stereotyping, because they’re looked down upon while simply trying to live their lives. This enables her to tackle difficult subjects in an interesting and approachable manner.

#7. the old me is dead

#8. manifesting

#9. motivation instantly lost

#10. perseverance 

#11. the only option

#12. the twilight zone

#13. in a loop

#14. Mental illness

#15. no help only hate

The artist’s comics are relatable and have a cute and humorous style that makes them stand out from other artists. Her comics have resonated with a wide audience, and she has built a large following on social media. Her work has been featured in various publications, and she has been invited to speak about her work at events around the world. If you want to enjoy her earlier posts, then click here and here.

#16. preparation time

#17. Time to recharge

#18. my brain’s always going

#19. Worth it

#20. scroll

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